Do you have a condition affecting your work? Work Assist is here to help you.

Work Assist can help employees who have an injury, disability or health condition

If you are an employee and have an injury, disability or health condition which is making it difficult for you to complete the roles within your job, then you may be able to seek help from the Work Assist program at CVGT.

Work Assist provides support to eligible employees who have difficulty completing essential requirements of their role due to their injury, disability or health condition which includes mental health conditions.

We can support you through these challenges by ensuring that you receive necessary support and that your employer also receives the advice and support so they can create an environment in which you can continue to work within.

However, in most cases a participant of this program will include their employer in this process to help them move forward but we understand that some people would prefer not to share information about their illness, injury or health condition with their employer. In this case you are still able to request and receive assistance from us.

It makes perfect sense to keep staff engaged (with appropriate adjustments and support) rather than lose valuable talent. We have provided numerous participants with support which has enabled them to continue working efficiently in their current employment. Employers are very often onboard with the process and are willing to make accommodations within their business.

Assistance available can include:

  • Face-to-face support
  • Advice about job re-design
  • A comprehensive workplace assessment
  • Workplace modifications or special equipment
  • Support within the workplace to help manage the impact of the injury, disability or health condition
  • Interventions such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychological counselling or pain management.

To apply for Work Assist, an employee must meet the following requirements:

  • Be currently employed
  • Have been working in their role for at least eight hours per week on average over a consecutive 13-week period
  • Be assessed by CVGT as having difficulty carrying out the essential requirements of their job.
  • At least 14-years of age but not attained Age Pension qualifying age
  • Be an Australian resident or a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV)/Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) holder. Employees who are not permanent residents but who hold a current TPV/SHEV, can access DES-Employment Support Services (ESS) Program Services
  • Not be studying full time
  • Not be receiving assistance from another employment services provider.

If you have found yourself in a position where your health condition, injury or illness is affecting your performance within your job, please get in contact with us to enquire about the Work Assist program and join the many others who have received much-needed support.

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