CVGT Launceston Speed Interviews

CVGT Australia Launceston Disability Employment Services (DES) and jobactive programs have come together with over 30 local employers to engage and educate participants on the interviewing process by hosting a speed interview event.

The event consists of multiple mini-interviews where employers work with participant’s on their strengths, communication skills and ability to react under pressure.

CVGT Australia’s DES and jobactive employment programs work with job seekers and people with a disability to gain and maintain employment in the open labour market.

CVGT Australia Acting Deputy CEO Peter Barnes said the event gives participants the opportunity to expand their networks, practice interview skills and gain confidence.

“As a five star provider we are continually improving our services and are committed to creating new, exciting and alternative pathways for our participants to gain employment,“ Mr Barnes said.

CVGT Australia Launceston DES Manager Alexis Smith stated that the event gives participants real life interview experience in a supportive, welcoming and positive environment.

“We have experienced great success from this event in other programs across CVGT Australia, with a number of participants gaining employment. Due to this success we have decided to introduce it in other regions.

“The interaction that takes place between the employers and participants is extremely positive and mutually beneficial,” said Ms Smith.

Participants are provided with constructive feedback in a low-stress environment on their interviewing performance to allow them to further develop their employability skills and increase confidence.

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