Community matters: CVGT Employment Shepparton take action to reduce food poverty

From Foodshare to CVGT Employment to you

CVGT Employment Shepparton have taken a compassionate step, becoming a Foodshare distributor to combat food poverty and support community.

The team collect food weekly, and the office now boasts food collection tables where CVGT Employment participants can grab essential food items, worry free.

Community spirit in action

“Times are tough right now. We were buying a lot of food vouchers for struggling families. We knew we needed to do more,” Bella, Assistant Manager Shepparton Workforce Australia.

Shepparton Foodshare is a charitable organisation that rescue and receive donations of fresh and nutritious food to redistribute to participants in need.

“Food is packaged as a meal, so recipients don’t need to worry about having to purchase additional items.”

“Rice, milk and pasta go really quickly so we make sure we get a lot of those items.”

The CVGT Employment Shepparton team ready to welcome community members in need.

Thank you! We will finally be eating a decent meal tonight.
CVGT Employment participant

Fostering care and an inclusive environment

As a not-for-profit, for-purpose charity the initiative addresses the critical current financial struggle some of our participants are facing.

“We’ve made sure people feel safe to collect items that they need,” Bella says.   

“At first, they couldn’t believe the items were free, with one participant asking, ‘Can we really take the food?’ But once they found out that the items are for them, they’ve been coming in to grab essential items to get them through the week.”

This is going to help so much.
CVGT Employment participant

We’ve repurposed old, branded tote bags so recipients can easily transport their food home.

Wardrobe of kindness

To extend our support our generous staff have pitched in with clothing donations, allowing participants to browse and select clothing that suits their needs.

It’s nice to know that our most vulnerable participants can get a warm meal at night. By taking this step, we’ve put our heart where it belongs – with the community.
Manager, CVGT Employment Shepparton

We remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering individuals to employment opportunities, resources and support to guide them on their journey toward a better future. If you’re struggling and need support connect with us today on 132 848 or visit our website

Food and clothing at the Shepparton office are available for CVGT Employment participants only however, you can contact Shepparton Foodshare for information regarding the program and a full list of emergency food relief agencies.

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