CVGT Australia your youth employment specialist in Goulburn Murray

CVGT Australia will be stepping up its youth employment support across the Goulburn Murray region this July.

Finishing school and entering the workforce can be a big challenge for many young people.
Sometimes all that is needed is the right support and structure to get the journey started.

Our youth employment service is designed to help people aged 15-24 who need some extra help to get their career on track.

After several years of offering the Transition to Work program in the western region of Goulburn Murray, we are excited to be able to extend our service to all of north-east of Victoria.

“We have a strong focus on practical support and work experience to build skills, confidence and readiness for work,” CVGT Australia chief executive Jason Russell said.

“Our staff build relationships with local agencies, including schools and other not-for-profits, to give young people the support they need to launch their career and make a bigger contribution to the community.

“We also work with local employers to assess their needs and match them with the right staff.

“CVGT Australia will soon be increasing services at Albury and Wodonga, hiring local staff and offering our expertise. We will also provide further resources to people in the Echuca, Seymour, Benalla and Wangaratta areas.”

Once placed, the young person is given follow-up assistance by CVGT Australia staff, with a focus on understanding, guidance and support. 

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