CVGT Australia commits to net zero emissions by 2030

CVGT Australia is committing to a cleaner environment and healthier communities with a bold target of achieving net zero emissions impact by 2030. 

The board of directors recently endorsed an environmental sustainability plan to reduce carbon emissions over the coming years. 

Among the measures to be taken, the business will cut the amount of waste it produces, review travel and fleet vehicle requirements, and reduce energy use at our sites. 

“We are hearing clearly from our communities that they want businesses like ours to take a leadership role when it comes to climate change,” CVGT Australia chair Liz Corbett says. 

“This strategy for our organisation to get to net zero emissions by 2030 helps us to meet those expectations, while also demonstrating our commitment to stronger communities. 

“It’s a goal that reflects CVGT Australia’s core values. We want to be an enabler of positive change, economic prosperity and improved wellbeing for all.” 

The plan  addresses three main areas of carbon pollution: waste, consumption of consumerables and energy consumption of vehicles and buildings.  

This will be achieved through operational efficiency, staff education and process improvement through innovation. 

“Our staff are crucial to this effort, and we have created a Green Team and appointed Sustainability Champions within our organisation to drive change,” chief executive Jason Russell says. 

“In meeting our strategic goal to have a pathway towards carbon neutrality, we can see benefit in incorporating behavioural change and environmental sustainability practices that have a flow-on effect to support healthy communities, and a healthy environment.” 

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