CVGT Australia and Northcott create pathways to inclusive employment

CVGT Australia and Northcott have created a unique partnership, growing employment support and opportunities for people living with disability in Sydney.

Northcott is one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit disability service providers and working with CVGT Australia’s Disability Employment Services team in the suburb of Liverpool since 2018.

The partnership aims to empower each individual living with a disability to enhance their employability skills and give each individual more opportunities in gaining paid employment.

CVGT Australia is supporting Northcott customers through targeted workshops, where those who live with disability are given information about employment programs, opportunities for training, and education about being part of the workforce.

“I believe working with Northcott creates a larger platform for people living with disability to access a range of services,” Krish, CVGT Australia’s Manager of Disability Employment Services Liverpool, says.

“We are able to go on their journey with them and watch their transformation. It’s very rewarding.”

One individual who CVGT Australia and Northcott witnessed transform into a confident, young woman, with a take-on-the-world attitude is Maddy.

Maddy with CVGT team

Maddy lives with cerebral palsy and epilepsy and is linked with Northcott. She was eager to work, but needed personalised support to give her the confidence to transition into the workplace.

Through the alliance of CVGT Australia and Northcott, Maddy was able to get well-rounded guidance, advice and training to become job-ready.

Maddy is successfully employed at KFC and continues to be supported by her employer, Northcott and CVGT Australia.

“We’ve seen Maddy gain confidence and become more independent,” Krish says. “She’s really enjoying being part of the team there.”

Together, CVGT Australia and Northcott are committed to providing tailored and trustworthy support – taking a holistic approach to improving the livelihood of each individual.

Katie, the Service Development Manager at Northcott for Centre Based Services is as equally excited about the partnership.

“I am excited to collaborate with CVGT – this opportunity will create endless possibilities for Northcott Vocational Skills customers living with a disability to gain meaningful employment,” she says.

Krish sees a bright future for all those linked with Northcott. He is dedicated to promoting the benefits of inclusive workplaces, while inspiring those living with disability to see anything is possible.

“We want to see an environment and culture where those living with disability are valued, respected and given the same opportunities to progress in their career,” he says.

“With CVGT Australia’s focus being employment related, this partnership will go on to create meaningful, ongoing and sustainable outcomes for Northcott’s customers.”

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