Ashleigh Modra, DES administration assistant at Boronia and Ringwood, spoke about the importance of inclusivity in the workplace at a World Down Syndrome Day lunch at the MCG on March 21st. 

The theme of this year’s global day was ‘With us, not for us’, with Inclusion Foundation and Carlton Football Club co-hosting the lunch. 

Ashleigh joined business leaders on a panel discussion on how people and workplaces can facilitate inclusion. It was important for her to be part of the panel, she said. 

It’s important for me to stand up for myself, who I am, and my disability. I love who I am,
I want to let everyone who has the same disability as me know - don’t give up with all your dreams, and be who you are.

Ashleigh Modra
Administration Assistant, CVGT Employment

The amazing artwork of the day’s conversations, created by Kate Baxter from The Together Apart.

It’s always an honour to attend such a wonderful event, and it’s especially uplifting to see so many people in attendance who have a clear motivation to help improve the lives of people with Down syndrome”

I’m very proud to be with an organisation that is so committed to the Impact21 program the way CVGT is.

Bree Mills
CVGT Employment’s strategic partnerships manager

More than 200 people attended the annual event that champions the inclusion of people with Down Syndrome and raise $122,000 in essential funds for the Inclusion Foundation.

The event lineup included the inimitable Russel Howcroft as MC, and to hear from a panel of experts on moving together from intention to action. ​​​​​​​

Kerry Tavrou, Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Tennis Australia, Ashleigh Modra, Administrative Assistant at CVGT Employment, Tristan Sinclair, emotion21 Program Manager and Artistic Director, and Jordan Will-Holland, Food and Beverage Manager, Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centres – provided a wealth of information about how inclusion is done!

Keynote speaker was Luke Sayers, Chair Inclusion Foundation and President of the Carlton Football Club.

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day. The 21st day of the third month – was selected to signify of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down syndrome.  

CVGT Employment has been partnering with Inclusion Foundation and Impact21 since 2018 to participate in the co-design and delivery of an employment program in Melbourne and Bendigo. 

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