Anthony takes control of his future

CVGT Australia delivers the Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN) Program which is the Victorian Governments major activity to help Victorians facing barriers to employment into jobs. The program has achieved a number of positive outcomes and has made significant impacts on participants.

With the assistance of career coach Naomi participant Anthony has taken control of his life since commencing the JVEN Program. At the age of 16 Anthony is now working three days a week in Bendigo and financially supporting his young family.

‘Naomi has worked with me to build my confidence and to plan out where I want my career and life to go and I feel as though I can now face anything, and with Naomi’s support and the support of the program I feel as though I am now in control of my future,’ said Anthony.

The impact that the JVEN Program has had on Anthony life has been so significant that he advised others in his situation to reach out and connect with the program.

‘Never give up hope. Sometimes that is easier said than done but if you are ever given the opportunity to link in with the JVEN program, grab onto it with both hands and commit to making a change. It is something I wish I had done sooner and something I will forever be grateful for,’ said Anthony.

For more information on the JVEN Program please contact CVGT Australia on 13 28 48.

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