An employer’s view of disability employment

More and more employers are enjoying the advantages of employing staff with disability.

Just ask CVGT’s  Business Development Coordinator Candice.

Candice liaises with employers to try to source employment opportunities for CVGT jobseekers and believes any business that has a need for recruiting should consider hiring someone with a disability.

“Considering the span of disabilities and medical conditions that exist, and the varying levels of support requirements, I cannot think of one business that could not hire someone with a disability/medical condition,” she says.

“The main barrier for employers is lack of education around Disability Employment. Employers can be fearful of what they don’t know or understand.”

“They often imagine employing someone with a disability to require a lot more time, effort and adjustments to the workplace than what is actually required.”

With busy workplaces, employers feel they don’t have the time to check out what is possible even if they are positive about the potential of hiring a person with disability.

Candice’s arguments for employing people with disability:
  • They take fewer days off
  • They take less sick leave
  • They stay in jobs longer
  • They may attract wage subsidy incentives

“But I find employers who have provided sustainable and rewarding employment for our participants have done so because of their commitment to creating  a truly inclusive and diverse workforce,” Candice says.

“These employers understand that they are making a significant improvement in the life of our participant by providing them with employment. Employing a person with disability is reward in itself.”

In fact, many of the barriers stopping potential employers from hiring a person with disability can be fixed with the help of CVGT.

For example, if they are worried about hiring someone that can’t do the work, then having a CVGT support person accompany the new recruit until they understand the role requirements is a way of overcoming this concern.

If an employer is worried that the new staff member won’t fit in with the other staff, this can be fixed with simple training or honest discussions before the recruit starts.

Candice recommends new employers to consider:
  • Disability Awareness Training
  • Flexibility in hours and accommodation
  • On the job and ongoing support from CVGT, for as long as needed

Candice says there are few issues that can’t be resolved quickly for an employer.

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