Amy develops her service skills

Amy is a bubbly people-person, and in her retail and customer service role in Burnie she’s developing her skills all the time. 

Having previously worked as a volunteer in the City Mission shop in Burnie, Amy wanted to branch out into paid and meaningful employment. 

This wish was fuelled by her desire to express her personality and put her customer service skills to the test. 

Amy is registered with the local CVGT Australia team as part of the Disability Employment Services program. 

Under the guidance of her consultants Matt and Amy, she was put in touch with a local business in need of a friendly, welcoming face to meet and greet customers. 

She met Jason, owner of Mr Phone Repair in Burnie, and was soon offered a role. 

“Amy quickly became familiar with her role, and started to do the things she had wanted to do prior to joining up with CVGT,” consultant Amy says. 

“Amy is talking to customers and selling products the shop has to offer, while Jason fixes the customers’ phones when they were brought in needing repair.” 

“Amy has been employed for almost 12 months, 15 hours a week, and continues to enjoy her work and is always happy and willing to learn new things.” 

CVGT Australia has stayed in touch with Amy and her employer, ensuring they are both happy and that Amy is continuing to prosper. 

The staff at the CVGT Burnie branch have seen Amy grow in confidence since commencing her paid job, and say it is always a pleasure when she comes in to the office for a visit. 

Jason says he loves having Amy on board to help his small business serve its customers. 

Amy is even looking at upskilling in the customer service and retail areas, she says, to enable her to find other employment as her career progresses. 

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