Alicia earns her dream job and independence

After years of toil, Alicia is reaping the rewards of meaningful work.

“I received amazing support over many years of searching and after a few misses,” she says, “I finally cracked it for my dream position.”

Alicia linked up with CVGT Australia’s Ballarat team three years ago. In the time since she has completed a huge amount of study, earning a Certificate III in Disability.

Our Ballarat branch manager Megan says the team worked with Alicia to make a plan to get her to her dream job in the care sector.

“Alicia had little confidence in her abilities due to her medical condition barriers,” Megan says.

“After study was complete, Alicia had found that confidence through hard work and 140 hours of placements.”

Alicia credits the support of the Ballarat team for her success.

“(I struggled) until I got on board with the Ballarat team,” she says.

“I care for an elderly man in my vicinity, at his house twice a day, five days a week. The position is 12 hours a week which also affords me time to get personal things done.

“The wages are great and I am loving the new independence it has afforded me so far.

“I have rescued my new cat from the RSPCA and helped Mum with dental treatment for her cat.

“I even treated myself to my first hairdo in over 15 years!

“This Christmas is looking bright thanks to the team at CVGT Australia in Ballarat – I couldn’t have done it without you all!”

Megan says she’s proud of the progress Alicia has made.

“We found Alicia her dream, job and I think her testimony and her photo speak for themselves and the impact CVGT Australia and employment have had on Alicia and her family.”

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