Ready, Set, Go! program inspires confidence in Workforce Australia participants to find work

The CVGT Employment Mildura office recently ran the ‘Ready, Set, Go! program’, a unique motivational and educational program designed to inspire Workforce Australia job seekers who are having difficulty finding or sustaining long-term employment.

The program, developed and delivered by Back2Work allied health professionals and Humanity Code Accelerators, teaches job seekers the skills they need to find, get and stay in work.

Participant Scott, Jason, CVGT Employment Business Development Consultant Lisa, participant Adam and Trent at the Ready, Set, Go! Program at CVGT Employment Mildura.
Participants Scott, Jason, CVGT Employment Business Development Consultant Lisa, participant Adam and Trent at the Ready, Set, Go! Program at CVGT Employment Mildura.

Chris Johnson, former professional AFL Brisbane Lions premiership player delivered the five -day program to CVGT Employment Workforce Australia participants. Combining the elite sport mindset with evidence-based vocational principals, participants were motivated to restart their employment journey.

It’s been great to be able to give my advice and learnings as well as tools I have used to navigate my own life.
Chris Johnson
Former AFL premiership player

“I’ve been able to give examples around resilience – being knocked back and building up self-esteem. I have had plenty of knock backs in my sporting career, like looking for work, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions.

“My main message to the group has been you are going to get knock backs, but you just need to keep rocking up and knocking on the door. Better yourself by looking for ways to upskill and become more employable.”

Upon completion of the program participants are armed with coping and connecting skills for employment.

I got heaps out of the program.  Chris is a great motivator and I have since had a job interview with Big W.  I wasn’t successful but I got a lot of experience from the interview and I’m still moving forward.
CVGT Employment Workforce Australia participant

Participants complete a self-assessment at the start and conclusion of the program. Identified barriers are addressed throughout training.

“Past-history and generational behaviour has been a common issue. We work on helping them change their ways, stressing the importance of providing for their family and financial stability,” Chris says.

Having a driver’s licence is another common barrier that has been holding a lot of participants back from finding and keeping a job.

“CVGT Employment has supported participants to get their learners licence to open-up opportunities so they can get to and from work.”

“I have got a lot out of the ‘Ready, Set, Go! program’.  I’ve been motivated to get my learners permit and I am having driving lessons to get my provisional licence,” says participant Scott.

On the final day of the program, CVGT Employment arranged for employers to come and talk to participants about current employment opportunities.

“They are very excited about meeting employers. Some participants just don’t have the skills or work history, never having had opportunities before. CVGT Employment has opened the door to opportunities for them.”

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