Alisa finds her voice helping others

At a recent charity event in southern New South Wales, the guest speaker was a successful, confident woman named Alisa.

Helping to raise money for children with cancer and their families, Alisa had the room under her spell as she addressed the gathering from behind the microphone.

What maybe wasn’t obvious to those attending the event was that not so long ago, Alisa was struggling to cope with the demands of being a parent and building a meaningful career.

Connecting with CVGT Employment

I want to thank CVGT Employment, particularly my employment consultant Karie, for changing my life.

CVGT Employment participant

Alisa first connected with Karie and CVGT Employment back in October 2020.

At the time, she was supporting her children as they suffered with health and personal issues, while working hard to get the help they needed.

Getting support

Karie saw that Alisa and her family needed extra support and linked them with a social worker, who was able to help them access services such as the NDIS and counselling.

This support gave Alisa the space she needed to refocus on her studies, as she tackled a business degree.

Alisa completed the course while COVID-19 restrictions were in place, so there was little opportunity to celebrate this huge achievement.

We thought she deserved a little fanfare, so we printed out and laminated a certificate to present at a ceremony attended by our team.

It was a beautiful way to recognise her achievement and highlight just how far Alisa had come in a short space of time.

Karie Lowe
CVGT Team Leader

Alisa finds meaningful work

Before long, Alisa landed a fantastic a role at a local alternative school for young people aged 15-18 with flexible learning and assistance with barriers.

Gaining employment meant Alisa exited the Workforce Australia program, Karie’s work done successfully.

Karie and Alisa reconnect

Karie and Alisa reconnection

But a year later, Karie was invited to an event with the local charity Country Hope and a familiar name was listed as guest speaker – Alisa!

It was such a thrill to see Alisa’s name on the flyer, and hugely satisfying to see her speak so beautifully and confidently at the event.

Karie Lowe
CVGT Team Leader

Alisa’s story is a great example of how our dedicated staff can give you the support you need to overcome your challenges and find meaningful work.

Workforce Australia

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