Why work? 10 benefits of being employed

Sometimes if you’ve been unemployed for a while it can be hard to develop the motivation to start job searching again, or continue searching after you’ve been working at it for some time.

We want to encourage you in your search for employment, as the search for work really pays off when you find a job and start reaping the benefits.

10 benefits of being employed:

  1. Keeps you busy, challenges you and gives you the means to develop yourself
  2. Gives you a sense of pride, identity and personal achievement
  3. Enables you to socialise, build contacts and find support
  4. Provides you with income to support yourself and explore your interests
  5. Builds up your skills and knowledge
  6. Can improve your physical and mental health
  7. Increased happiness due to sense of belonging
  8. Security from a steady and reliable income
  9. Adding to your history of employment strengthens your resume for future job opportunities
  10. Increased self-esteem due to a daily purpose and contribution to society.

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