Taking your first steps in the workforce 

So you’ve finished school and are ready to find a job, it can seem pretty daunting right? 
Are you feeling completely stumped as to what you want to do and what you could be good at? 
Or perhaps you know the industry you’d like to work in but want the best shot at landing a job? 
To help you get a better understanding of the role we can play in your journey into the workforce, we’ve used our experience helping young people to put together a few answers to questions you might have. 
What are the benefits of contacting CVGT Australia to help me find a job? 
CVGT Australia can help you land the job you want, or work out what job would suit you. We’re linked with lots of different employers, which means we can match your skills with their needs.  

We can organise training to help you learn the new skills you will need to get the job, or build on your existing ones to make sure you’re a stand out candidate. 
So how does it work? 
From the minute you first contact us, you will be supported and encouraged as we help you to search for the perfect job. We provide a wide range of employment programs, making us unique in our industry. Our staff are experienced in delivering services to job seekers and we can even combine programs to find the best solution for you. 

With CVGT Australia as your job partner, you can look forward to a smooth transition from school to work, apprenticeships or traineeships, job to job or returning to the workplace with confidence. 

What will you look at first? 
The first thing to work on together is determining which of our employment programs is the best fit for you. The road to the perfect job will then generally start with an interview with one of our employment experts. 
What happens in the interview? 
You’ll be provided with a list of important documents to bring along to your interview. We will take the time to get to know you and to understand your current skills, goals and individual circumstances. 

During this interview you will also develop a job plan, which sets out what we need to do together to get you into work. It basically lists the services and training you require to find and keep the right job. Your plan will help you search for jobs, get work experience, gain new skills and qualifications and overcome your barriers to employment. 

Your job plan will be reviewed regularly as you work with us to get a job. 
What types of things do you help with? 
We’ll help you have the best chance at working on your strengths, finding the right job and staying in paid employment. Some of the ways we do this is by helping you prepare or update your application letter and resume, prepare for job interviews, overcome barriers to employment, match you with a job that will suit your strengths and access workplace modifications. 
What happens when I get the job? 
The support doesn’t stop when you land the job. We’ll stay in touch as you settle into employment to make sure everything is going smoothly. This is called post placement support. 
What if I’m looking for an apprenticeship or traineeship, can you help with that too? 
Absolutely! We’ve been supporting employers and their apprentices and trainees for 40 years. We work with a range of employers so we can help match you with the perfect opportunity. 
So how do I get the ball rolling? 
Get in touch with us today! Give us a call on 132 848, or start a live chat on our website. 

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