Supporting Chrissy to follow her passion

Chrissy loves helping people, and with the support of CVGT Employment she is back in the workforce and making a difference. 

A medical condition had led to Chrissy giving up a previous role in a job she loved – as a cook in a childcare facility. 

Feeling low on confidence, Chrissy decided to find a new path. 

Support to make a frest start

After connecting with the Disability Employment Services team at CVGT Employment in Ballarat, Chrissy developed a plan to relaunch her career. 

“From the moment I met Chrissy, I could see she had a caring and supportive nature,” branch manager Megan says. 

“I thought she would be perfect for a role in domestic support work, so we supported Chrissy to develop a resume and an application”. 

Chrissy was soon successful in finding a position, starting out with 15 hours a week of work before moving into a permanent, full-time role. 

The perfect job

Part of her job is helping clients to make their own meals – a role Chrissy is passionate about – while also supporting their social needs in the community. 

“This has given Chrissy the financial freedom she needs in a job that brings her joy,” Megan says. 

“To see Chrissy so happy and walking with a bounce in her step reminds us of why we do what we do.” 

If injury, illness or disability is making it tough for you to find work, CVGT Employment is here to help through our Disability Employment Services. 

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