Getting a job in transport, logistics and warehousing

A career in the transport, logistics and warehousing industry

Workers in this industry plan a crucial role in keeping our communities ticking. Whether it’s organising important equipment or making crucial deliveries, there is an emphasis on safety, efficiency and customer service.

The skills learned in these jobs will give you the ability to travel, be your own boss and make a major contribution to the wellbeing of your community.

Types of positions

  • Truck driver
  • Delivery contractor
  • Courier
  • Storeperson
  • Bus and coach driver
  • Mechanic
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Transport, logistics and warehousing job pathways:

  • Keep a clean driving record
  • Casual packing positions
  • Obtaining light/medium/heavy rigid driving licence
  • Seasonal warehouse positions
  • Obtaining forklift training and license

Benefits of working in the transport, logistics and warehousing sector

The big drawcards of life in the transport sector are flexibility and physical nature of much of the work. A career in this industry will appeal to you if you enjoy organisation and hard work, with the chance to get away from behind the desk.

But there are also options in transport and logistics to innovate, with advances in technology meaning that ways of working are evolving all the time.

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How to get a job in transport, logistics and warehousing

There are plenty of transport roles available for those starting with few skills or little knowledge of the industry. Talk to us at CVGT Employment today about the education, traineeship and apprenticeship options in your region. We can guide you on the first steps in your career journey, then support you as you learn your trade.

Transport, logistics and warehousing jobs are popular in these regions:

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Challenges of a transport, logistics and warehousing job

Transport industry jobs demand high levels of safety awareness and compliance. The focus on doing your job safely, and proving it, takes time, focus and energy. But a record of safe and efficient service will make you a valuable worker.

This is also an industry going through significant change as technology, including automation, alter how the work is done. It means the industry needs people who are innovative and adaptable.

For employers – our transport, logistics and warehousing recruitment services

Our mission at CVGT Employment is connecting people and businesses for meaningful employment. We have a track record of providing quality candidates and the support you need to make recruiting a success. We take the risk out of finding new staff, and your business may also be eligible for a financial subsidy. If you are looking to grow or diversify your workforce, learn more on our looking for staff page, or contact us on 132 848 and we can talk through the options that will suit your business.

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