Getting a job in tourism

A career in tourism

Staff in the tourism sector create and deliver experiences for their customers. It is an industry that demands creativity, imagination and team work.

Given the effect of COVID-19 those skills are more prized than ever, but being able to bring those elements together can mean you have a hit attraction on your hands.

Types of positions

  • Events coordinator
  • Operations manager
  • Travel agent
  • Accommodation host
  • Technology developer
  • Flight attendant
Working in the tourism industry

Tourism job pathways:

  • Tourism traineeship
  • Business administration traineeship
  • Hospitality traineeship

Benefits of working in the tourism sector

The big attractions of a career in tourism are the opportunities to meet like minded people and see amazing places. With the focus currently on local attractions, there are opportunities to develop your skills in a familiar region and branch out in future.

Even with the current restrictions in place, there is still the chance in tourism to create memorable moments for your customers and venues. If you love developing ideas and turning them into reality then tourism could be the career for you!

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How to get a job in Tourism

There are plenty of tourism roles available for those starting with few skills or little knowledge of the industry. Talk to us at CVGT Employment today about the education, traineeship and apprenticeship options in your region. We can guide you on the first steps in your career journey, then support you as you learn your trade.

Tourism jobs are popular in these regions:

Getting a job in tourism

Challenges of a tourism job

The big hurdle facing anyone entering the tourism sector right now is the coronavirus pandemic. It has forced many tourism operators to focus on attracting local people, and getting tourists to holiday at home can be tough. But workers who can generate ideas and solve problems are highly-prized.

The industry also revolves around people having time off from work and school – jobs in tourism will typically feature night, weekend and public holiday shifts.

For employers – our tourism recruitment services

Our mission at CVGT Employment is connecting people and businesses for meaningful employment. We have a track record of providing quality candidates and the support you need to make recruiting a success. We take the risk out of finding new staff, and your business may also be eligible for a financial subsidy. If you are looking to grow or diversify your workforce, learn more on our looking for staff page, or contact us on 132 848 and we can talk through the options that will suit your business.

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