Getting a job in manufacturing

A career in the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry jobs give its workers the chance to use their hands and their brains to be creative. The range of job options is massive, with opportunities available to work with food, metal and the latest technologies.

Workers in the sector develop high levels of skill and are the cutting edge of business development, giving them the chance to take their expertise with them and earn good levels of pay.

Types of positions

  • Welder and metal worker
  • Food and drink producer
  • Meat worker
  • Fitter and machinist
  • Packer
  • Engineer
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Benefits of working in the manufacturing sector

This is an industry where you can put to use your ability in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). There is the potential to work in highly specialised disciplines and gain expertise in the latest technology.

Manufacturing also gives you the opportunity to work closely with clients and colleagues. Whether it’s perfecting an existing product or developing a new idea, you’ll have the chance to collaborate and innovate.

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How to get a job in manufacturing

There are plenty of manufacturing roles available for those starting with few skills or little knowledge of the industry. Talk to us at CVGT Employment today about the education, traineeship and apprenticeship options in your region. We can guide you on the first steps in your career journey, then support you as you learn your trade.

Manufacturing jobs are popular in these regions:

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Challenges of a manufacturing job

Manufacturing businesses face significant challenges when it comes to technology and competition.

There is a demand for staff who are creative and good problem solvers – those who can make the difference between an operation being successful or not.

For employers – our manufacturing recruitment services

Our mission at CVGT Employment is connecting people and businesses for meaningful employment. We have a track record of providing quality candidates and the support you need to make recruiting a success. We take the risk out of finding new staff, and your business may also be eligible for a financial subsidy. If you are looking to grow or diversify your workforce, learn more on our looking for staff page, or contact us on 132 848 and we can talk through the options that will suit your business.

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