Getting a job in hospitality

A career in the accommodation and food services industry

Jobs in food, accommodation and entertainment are perfect for people who like to socialise, thrive in a high-tempo environment and make people happy. There is a huge range of roles on offer, from waiter and kitchen hand through to barista, chef or hotel manager. You’ll learn how to care for customers and present yourself in a professional manner.

Types of positions

  • Barista, cafe manager
  • Bartender, food and beverage manager
  • Hotel receptionist, hotel manager
  • Housekeeper, maintenance worker
  • Kitchen hand, cook, sous chef, chef
  • Waiter, kitchen manager, restaurant manager

Accommodation and food services job pathways:

  • Hospitality traineeship
  • Hospitality apprenticeship
  • Chef apprenticeship
  • Business admin traineeship

Benefits of working in the hospitality industry

Hospitality’s strength is in its diversity and depth. There are plenty of jobs and stacks of options – think of the range of cafés, restaurants, hotels and venues on offer in your region. This variety means you can find a niche and specialise, or look forward to a varied career limited only by your imagination, where you have a chance to expand your creativity in the culinary arts.

Hospitality also holds many clear career pathways, eg. your career as a chef, you may start out as a sous chef and advance your way to executive chef. These kinds of goals give you something to work towards.

Jobs in the hospitality industry can often be flexible, many part time and full time positions are always available. Hospitality skills are in demand, and people will always want quality food, shelter and entertainment.

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How to get a job in hospitality

Fill in the contact form! There are plenty of hospitality roles available for those starting with few skills or little knowledge of the industry. Talk to us at CVGT Employment today about the education, traineeship and apprenticeship options in your region. We can guide you on the first steps in your career journey, then support you as you learn your trade.

Hospitality jobs are popular in these regions:

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Challenges of a hospitality job

Hospitality requires energy, persistence and flexibility. Customers are demanding and expect a high standard of customer service every day of the week. The hours can be a challenge, with nights and weekends often part of the mix and some positions requiring long hours. But an ability to deliver regardless of time, place or resources will win you the admiration of customers, colleagues and employers.

For employers – our hospitality recruitment services

Our mission at CVGT Employment is connecting people and businesses for meaningful employment. We have a track record of providing quality candidates and the support you need to make recruiting a success. We take the risk out of finding new staff, and your business may also be eligible for a financial subsidy. If you are looking to grow or diversify your workforce, learn more on our looking for staff page, or contact us on 132 848 and we can talk through the options that will suit your business.

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