Getting a job in health care

A career in health care

Health care is the career for those with a passion for people. A job in this industry will let you use your empathy and ability to win the trust of others to benefit the sick and vulnerable.

Demand for skilled workers across the health sector is always high, and there is a huge range of career options available. The skills learned in this industry are assets you can take with you, allowing you to travel and explore all the industry has to offer.

Types of positions

  • Nurse
  • Aged care worker
  • Disability support
  • Child care
  • Dental assistant
  • Receptionist
Dental assistant working

Health care job and social assistance pathways:

  • Dental assistant traineeship
  • Aged care traineeship
  • Individual support traineeship
  • Child care traineeship

Benefits of working in the health care sector

The biggest reward from employment in health care is the ability to make a real, positive difference to people’s lives. It is work that is hands-on and deeply engaged, requiring a commitment to lifelong learning and skill improvement.

Constant advancements in technology and medical science make this an exciting field, and will allow you to keep building on your skillset. And if you become a specialist in your field then there is the prospect of career advancement and good levels of pay.

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How to get a job in health care and social assistance

There are plenty of health care roles available for those starting with few skills or little knowledge of the industry. Talk to us at CVGT Employment today about the education, traineeship and apprenticeship options in your region. We can guide you on the first steps in your career journey, then support you as you learn your trade.

Health care jobs are popular in these regions:

From traineeship to leadership

Steph is a senior member of Bendigo Health’s dentistry team, having started out as a trainee through CVGT Employment back in 2014. Dental Assistant Traineeships are a brilliant and accessible way to get into the dental field. Please check our vacancy page to see availability, if you don’t see the traineeship listed, please contact us so we can find it for you.

Steph at work
Career in Nursing

Challenges of a health care job

Health care will test your endurance and empathy. Because people need help around the clock, shift work and weekends are likely to be part of most roles. The workload and time demands put on health care stuff are a challenge, but there are enormous rewards on offer for getting the best possible results for your patients.

It is also an industry that demands a high level of self-awareness and care. It can be emotional and stressful, so a plan to look after your own mental and physical health – along with a strong support network is essential.

For employers – our health care and social assistance recruitment services

Our mission at CVGT Employment is connecting people and businesses for meaningful employment. We have a track record of providing quality candidates and the support you need to make recruiting a success. We take the risk out of finding new staff, and your business may also be eligible for a financial subsidy. If you are looking to grow or diversify your workforce, learn more on our looking for staff page, or contact us on 132 848 and we can talk through the options that will suit your business.

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