Career Transition Assistance program

Career Transition Assistance

A new initiative for mature job seekers.

Career Transition Assistance is a new initiative to help mature aged job seekers build their confidence and become more competitive in their local labour market.

The program is an approved annual activity requirement (AAR) and will fully meet a job seeker’s AAR for the duration of their participation in Career Transition Assistance. Eligible job seekers will be provided with practical assistance to help them gain the skills they need to move into ongoing employment. They will be referred to Tailored Career Assistance, Functional Digital Literacy or both, depending on their needs.


Assistance to increase your confidence and motivation; give you a better understanding of available job opportunities in your local area; and support you to tailor applications, based on your skills and experience, to those jobs.

CVGT tailors a program to suit each participant that may include:

  • Identify transferable skills
  • Industry visits
  • Updating resume
  • Job interview skills
  • Marketing job seekers to employers.

Practical assistance to develop information and communications technology skills and help you build your confidence to use different types of technology, such as smartphones, tablets, apps, social media and desktop computers.

CVGT tailors a program to suit each participant that may include:

  • Introduction to computers, tablets, smartphones
  • Introduction to emails
  • Introduction to the internet
  • Introduction to social media & apps.

Who is eligible

  • Registered with a jobactive provider
  • Be 45 years of age or older.


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