Cameron is weaving new opportunity in his job

For Cameron, having a job that is thoroughly enjoyable makes the 35-minute drive to work go quickly.

In the past 18 months, he has been making the roundtrip from his home to Bangholme in south-east Melbourne to work with PSW. Cameron, who is Autistic, is a warehouse associate and works eight hours a week.

A job created just for Cameron

Using his skills and enthusiasm for work, Cameron has become a central member of the PSW team that provides uniform solutions to schools in Victoria and New South Wales.

He is one of five people who work in a customised role developed with the support of CVGT Employment’s Specialist Disability Employment Team (SDET). SDET provides intensive, customised support to participants who have an intellectual or developmental disability.

Equal employment opportunities

Like CVGT, PWS is a values-driven organisation that prides itself on making a difference to people and communities. They offer equal employment opportunities to many people who have a disability, like Cameron, and want to work.

Bree Mills
CVGT Employment’s strategic partnerships manager.

Cameron becomes an SDET participant

The SDET team met Cameron when he was studying for a Certificate II in Work Preparation with CVGT Employment partner Holmesglen. Holmesglen is of the largest providers of vocational and higher education in Victoria.

We could see he would be a great fit.

Bree Mills
CVGT Employment’s strategic partnerships manager.

Getting to know Cameron and providing ongoing support

After getting to know Cameron, his interest, and capabilities, SDET and PSW created a customised role with clearly defined tasks and duties that he could perform and enjoy. Cameron started working for PSW in June 2021 and is “thoroughly enjoying” his job.

SDET continues to support both Cameron and PSW. Jamie, SDET administration assistant, recently called into PSW to catch up with Cameron and his manager George and supervisor Mohammed. Read what they had to say about how it is all going.

Q&A with Jamie and participant Cameron

Questions and Answers with Jamie

How are you feeling?

I’m feeling quite good. I’ve been working here at PSW for over a year now. They’ve got me pretty busy. There’s lots of stuff for me to do, everyone is quite nice to me and I’m feeling comfortable. I might go for another year here.

What is it like to work here?

It’s busy working here and everyone who works here are nice.

A lot of jobs here, some are easier to understand while others require a little bit of help and difficulty, but when you get the hang of the job and working with these people, it becomes pretty familiar with you.

I’ve been working in this room for months now and I’m practically Mohammed’s  (PSW supervisor) master weaver now – as he calls me. It’s busy work but work that you’ll understand and get better at.

What jobs/tasks do you do here?

Well, when I started working, they got me working with the delivery van delivering boxes of stock to the different PSW stores. Before I got transferred here, they had me doing stock take, and counting stock in boxes and sweeping the floors for dust. Then, after a few jobs with Mohammed, they recommended me to move permanently into the printing area, which is where we are now.

I’ve been working in this room for months and Mohammed just gets me working with weaving the material and pasting the logos on paper and putting them in bags.

What is it that you like about this job the most?

Working at this job is nice quiet work. All my co-workers treat me with respect and kindness, and they say ‘hi’ to me and I feel welcomed. When I’m working in this room it’s pretty quiet. We’ve got air conditioning, music, and seats. So, it’s quiet and peaceful work, and I like some quiet time.

How has CVGT helped you on your journey in employment?

Well, I’m grateful for them for giving me the job. Candice (SDET Employment Inclusion Coordinator) took me to my interview last year. I had an interview with my manager Geoff, and before you know it, I walked out of there with the uniform! So, I was practically ready to work.

I’m just grateful that I’m with CVGT, they managed to find me a paid job, which helps me with building experience and it’s helping me get paid. I’m just grateful they helped me find employment.

Cameron SDET participant

Jamie SDET administration assistant with participant Cameron at PSW.

Q&A with Jamie and manager George and supervisor Mohammed

Did you need to adapt your onboarding process to help Cameron?

George says: Not necessarily. I behave in the same way with all the employees. I think my style or behaviours towards everyone is the same, so no I didn’t.

What are the different ways that Cameron learns compared with your other staff?

George says: From the feedback that I’ve got from Mohammed, I don’t think there’s been much difference compared to what we normally do with new people that we bring in. We may have had to show him a few more times but, nevertheless, that’s pretty typical of anyone that comes into a position that hasn’t done it before. So, if they’re not sure they’ll ask really.

What is it like to work with Cameron?

Mohammed says: Cameron works well with weaving, he is always careful and punctual and he listens to instructions well. We would like to introduce Cameron to our computer printer over the next few months.


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