Sustainability Policy

CVGT is committed to supporting the creation of a sustainable future through operational activities, corporate accountability, transparency, sustainable consumption, ethical practices and use of resources.

Sustainability Principles

CVGT’s Sustainability Principles include:


  • CVGT will make sustainability an organisational priority.
  • Sustainability considerations will be embedded in decision-making at all levels of the organisation, including strategic and operational planning and processes.


  • CVGT will provide opportunities and support to further develop and innovate sustainably.
  • Legislative and regulatory requirements for sustainability will be met and exceeded where possible.
  • CVGT will plan and take action to support diversity and will work to support the health and well-being of all CVGT employees.
  • CVGT will promote and foster an ethos and awareness of sustainability through the provision of education and/or training to all employees.


  • Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) principles will be incorporated in the planning and development of new and existing buildings.
  • Biodiversity will be protected and, where possible, enhanced.
  • CVGT will strive to minimise the consumption of energy, water and other resources (both natural and manufactured) and will work to manage its carbon footprint.
  • The reuse and recycling of resources will be promoted and encouraged and waste will be managed responsibly.


  • CVGT will establish measurable targets and goals for the implementation of sustainable practices and establish regular and consistent reporting against progress.
  • CVGT will communicate relevant sustainability information, and report on sustainability performance, to the Board, employees, partners and the wider community.

For full details of the CVGT Sustainability Policy, please download the ‘CVGT Sustainability Policy’ here.

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