More than dollars – Brian’s job satisfaction outshines making money

Brian signed up to CVGT Employment’s Disability Employment Service to find meaningful work beyond the financial benefits. He was searching for a newfound confidence and discovered it in helping school kids safely cross the road.   

Unearthing the right fit is a cooperative effort 

Brian, 61, has schizophrenia and is recovering from a heart attack. He was struggling to work in physically demanding jobs.  

“Brian joined our disability program in June 2022. He attempted some cleaning positions, but unfortunately, they were too strenuous for him,” says Dimitti Rae, CVGT Employment business development consultant.  

“So, we helped him secure a less physically challenging job at the Merriwa factory, repacking boxes with other National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants. However, standing for long periods of time proved quite exhausting for him, and we realised it wasn’t the right fit either.”  

Finding the right job when living with a disability 

Brian came across a job advertisement for a one-hour shift as a school crossing supervisor and sought assistance from Dimitti to apply. With Dimitti’s help, they successfully completed the application process, including obtaining a Working with Children’s Check and police check.  

Brian received an exciting notification from the Wodonga Council in December last year, informing him was selected for the position of school crossing supervisor. He eagerly started his new role in January. 

I really enjoy helping the kids. They’re good kids.

Disability Employment Services participant

The benefits of working beyond making money 

“Brian’s motivation for seeking employment wasn’t financial. His goal was to find meaningful work to contribute to society, to socialise and to help others,” Dimitti says.  

Working has helped Brian build his confidence and it’s given him new-found purpose. He still has some aches and pains, but he can push through his one-hour shift before heading home to rest.

Dimitti Rae
CVGT Employment business development consultant.  

There are many benefits to working beyond income. For some, building confidence is the key to finding meaningful employment. Learn how to build job-confidence by reading our article below.

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