Melbourne jobs drive – Rev up the recovery

Melbourne jobs drive – Rev up the recovery

After the last year we’ve all had, we think it’s time to rev up the recovery.

For 60 days the CVGT Australia team is hitting the turbo button to connect you and your business to the people you need. Our goal is to match 170 job seekers with a suitable workplace.

This is not about ticking a box. Our team listens to what employers need so we can create real, tailored solutions. Our post-placement support enables long-term connections and ongoing success.

CVGT Australia is a leading employment services provider, and our engine room is full of experienced staff who know how to navigate government programs. That makes it easy for you to access resources, wage subsidies and incentives.

We have job-ready people with the skills and interests that can deliver the right recruitment solution to employers just like you.

So let us put you in the driver’s seat. Join the CVGT Australia jobs drive to create positive change and get your business and local communities moving.

“I put on another apprentice from CVGT a couple of years ago, who we are
really happy with, and that’s why I came back to get Liam as well. I like
teaching them, so it’s a win-win.” – Eugene Ockers, bricklayer

From zero to 170 in 60 days

CVGT Australia makes good things happen for employers and job seekers. During our jobs drive, we’ll help you to discover the best program and to meet the right people to join your team.

Disability Employment Services

The Disability Employment Services program is all about creating inclusive employment opportunities for every person and every business. It can support your own workplace diversity.

Career Transition Program

Age is just a number when you believe in someone’s skills and abilities. The Career Transition Assistance program enables people above the age of 45 to show you what they can do in your workplace.


ParentsNext supports mums and dads to re-enter the workforce once their youngest child has gone off to school. Your workplace benefits with them on board.

Why should I join the jobs drive?

If you can offer ongoing part-time or full-time work you might be eligible for a wage subsidy or Australian Government incentive.

Your business will get a boost and so will the person you employ. Meaningful work makes a real difference to people’s lives. That flows into the community. Collective action got us through the past year. And getting our communities back to business is what will rev up our recovery.

Together, we can create a win-win at your workplace too. 170 wins is our target. We’ve got 60 days. Let’s go! 

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