Youth jobs PaTH internships

Supporting young people into work through flexible internships

Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare – Trial – Hire) is a flexible approach to youth employment.

The program is designed to support young people find and maintain meaningful work.

The internships give young people aged 17-24 years the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, abilities and work ethic to potential employers.

Youth Jobs PaTH covers three elements: 


Employability Skills Training to help young people understand the expectations of Employers in the recruitment process and in the workplace.


Voluntary Internships of four to 12 weeks to give young people a chance to demonstrate their skills in the workplace where there is a reasonable prospect of subsequent employment.


A Youth Bonus wage subsidy of *$10,000 to support employment of young people.

Benefits for young people

Youth Jobs PaTH internships give young people a trial period, providing them with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to potential employers.

Some of the benefits include:

  • fortnightly government-paid incentive on top of income support payment for the duration of the internship 
  • develops vocational skills 
  • develops interview and job application skills 
  • improves employment prospects 
  • allows young people to experience different career paths in a supportive environment 

Benefits for host employers

Youth Jobs PaTH provides employers with the opportunity to find out if someone is the right fit for their business through a low-risk ‘trial before you hire’ approach.


  • *access $10,000 wage subsidy 
  • $1000 host employer payment 
  • the intern is covered by insurance purchased by the Australian Government 
  • the intern is unpaid by your business 
  • the internship can end at any time 
  • weekends or shift work (excluding public holidays) 


  • offer a reasonable prospect of employment for the intern  
  • have a vacancy that needs filling, or is likely to have a vacancy following the internship 
  • have a regular pattern of recruitment 
  • keep your existing employees and maintain their existing hours  

Each internship is voluntary and is undertaken for 30 to 50 hours per fortnight.

We work with both the host business and young person to create an internship that meets the needs of the business and suits the participant’s skills, experience and interests.

Internships are available to eligible participants in New Employment Services Trial locations, jobactive, Transition to Work and Disability Employment Services.

To find out more about the program – or to find out if you’re eligible,  contact us today or call us on 132 848.

*Conditions apply

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