FAQs for Job Seekers

How does CVGT Australia help me?

CVGT Australia helps job seekers by picking the right path to sustainable employment. Our links with employers mean we match your skills with their needs. We can organise training to help you learn new skills or build on your existing ones and we work with other service providers to give you all the support you need.

What is a Job Plan?

Your Job Plan sets out what we need to do together to get you into work. It basically lists the services and training you need to find and keep the right job. Your plan will help you search for jobs, get work experience, gain new skills and qualifications and overcome your barriers to employment.

How does CVGT Australia help job seekers?

We offer you greater choice. Because we work on a plan just for you, you get the best mix of skills, experience and personal support to get you into work. And our support lasts so when you get a job, you can trust CVGT to help you keep it.

We’re always coming up with new ways to tackle the problems job seekers face and we work with partners in training and community organisations as well as the private sector to create new opportunities for you.

I have a disability. Can you help me get a job?

CVGT Australia is a Disability Employment Services (DES) provider and we can help you get a job. Simply contact your nearest CVGT Australia DES branch for more information.

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Find a Job

Australian JobSearch (JobSearch) is a free online jobs website. It is funded and operated by the Australian Government to assist job seekers find employment. To find a job near you, click on the link below:

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