CVGT Australia is about to expand disability services after being selected to participate in the Disability Employment Services (DES) Youth Mental Health Trial in the Maroondah employment services area.

The trial is part of the Australian Government’s Youth Employment Strategy that provides employment opportunities for you people with mental illness.

CVGT Australia Deputy CEO John Lynch said the company was delighted with being selected in the trial.

“This trial will allow our company to take another important step in helping young people with disability in securing and maintaining gainful, sustainable and ongoing employment.

“Participants will have access to funds to invest in their choice of goods and services to help them achieve their employment goals,” Mr Lynch said.

Participants will work closely with CVGT Australia’s DES staff, who will provide support and advice to participants on utilising their ‘career account’ – a pool of funds that assist job seekers access a range of goods and services including counseling, training, transport, work experience, clothing and equipment.

The trial has commenced in three employment services areas: North Brisbane (QLD), Maroondah (Victoria) and North Metro (WA) and is available to 200 DES job seekers with mental illness aged 24 or under.

CVGT Australia’s Disability Employment Service (DES) assists job seekers with disability to gain and maintain employment in the open employment market or assistance with being self-employed.

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