Local Work for the Dole participants, with an interest in the arts, have played an important role in a mural art project which is set to be unveiled on Thursday.

The Work for the Dole participants have learned valuable lessons around design and concept creation, presenting concepts to clients and the successful completion and installation of the final piece.

CVGT Australia Deputy CEO John Lynch said that the company was delighted to partner with St Michael’s and the Artists Workshop in this project that provides Work for the Dole participants with an interest in the arts, with valuable work experience.

“Work for the Dole activities assist job seekers acquire new skills and improves their chance of finding a job while giving back to the community.

“The St Michael’s project has provided our Work for the Dole participants with a fantastic opportunity to develop work-like skills in the arts industry.

“Participants have worked closely with their supervisors to develop a project brief and concepts. Concepts were chosen, and the final piece has been completed  and installed,” Mr Lynch said.

The participants have utilised the local surroundings to develop the concepts, which are based on social inclusion. These same participants have enjoyed the opportunity to learn a range of new skills associated with the art industry.

“This project is a great opportunity for Work for the Dole participants to develop art related skills in a supported environment,” Mr Lynch added.

Work for the Dole is funded by the Australian Government as part of Employment Services 2015-2020.

St. Michaels Association Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation, providing accommodation and support to Tasmanian people with intellectual and physical disabilities for more than 47 years.

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